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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 12, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: the good folks on twitter are going numbers over this story. send me your thoughts. >>shepard: today the democratic strategist who apologized to the wife of the republican presidential candidate, mitt romney accusing a mother of five of never working a day in her life. a major player weighing in. will the voters really care? the debate, ahead. and the at mitted killer of the unarmed florida teenager, trayvon martin appeared in court today after being charged with murder not second degree. and doctors told the parents of a premature baby their daughter was dead and the parents when to see the body telephone hours later and opened the casket and lo and behold, dead babies don't move.
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that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the political water cooler story of the day appears to be that of the democratic strategist and contributor who claims romney's wife "never worked a day in her life." now apologized. she responded with the comment this morning on america's newsroom. >> my career choice was to be a mother. and i think all us need to know we need to respect choices that women make. other women make other choices to have a career and raise families. >>shepard: if republicans were alonging for a counter to the "war on women," they found it. it all started last night when the strategist suggested ann romney should not advise her husband on economic issues facing women because she was a stay-at-home mom. in response, ann romney took to twitter and said "i made a choice to stay home and raise
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five boys, believe me it was hard work." an hour ago the strategist released a statement calling her words "poorly chosen," the statement reads in part "as a partner in a firm full of women who work outside the home as well as stay at home mothers, all with plenty of children equality is not a pointing point to me but an issue i live every day and apologized to ann romney and anyone else who was offended. james rosen, a lot of powerful people are weighing in. what a windfall for the republicans. >>reporter: it has lit up the twitter sphere and is a rallying cry as both parties accused other of waging a war on the increasingly influential voting block: women. her decision to apologize to ann romney came after a torrent of criticism from outside and in her own party after america's most prominent democratic woman
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weighed in. every mother works hard feeted michelle obama and deserves to be respected. that was all she wrote. the controversy began last night when rosen, a former registered lobbyist disparaged ann romney's qualification to advice her husband on the economic concerns of women as mitt romney has said she does. >> guess what? his wife is actually never work add day in her life. she has never, really, dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how to feed our kids and send them to school and how do we, why do we worry about their future. >> after ann romney defended herself last night on twitter rosen double downed treating i am raising children, too, but most young american women have to both earn a living and raise children, you know that? and she add my point is he should stop saying he is the guide to women's economic
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problems she doesn't have any. lost in all of this, is that rosen, also asserted in her appearance that it is the republicans who have been spreading the term "war on women," and the record will show house minority leader nance pelosi used that term to attack republicans on cnn just file days ago. >>shepard: thank you, james, from washington. the admitted killer of the unarmed teen, trayvon martin, george zimmerman, is scared. that, today, from his lawyer. after the now second degree murder suspect made the first appearance in court. the hearing was mostly procedural but after, we learned more about george zimmerman's state of mind. >> he is tired. it has been a very long period of time for him and he has gone through tribulations of his own being the focus of the intensity of this event. and he is facing a second-degree murder charges now. he is in frightened. that would frighten any of us.
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>>shepard: the maximum possible for a second degree murder 45 days after george zimmerman admitteddedly shotted and killed the unarmed team. it was back in february that george zimmerman, the shooter, called police to report he was following someone "suspicious." here is part of that call. >> [blank] running. >> which way? >> down toward the ... other entrance of the neighborhood. >>shepard: moments later he was dead. that led up to the shooting. but what led up to the shooting is very much this dispute. according to the police report the shooter claims that the teen attacked him. he says trayvon martin, the teenager, punched him in the nose and slammed his head into the sidewalk. and he says that is when he
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pulled the trigger. today, trayvon martin's mother says the following on nbc. >> i believe it was an accident. i believe that it just got out-of-control. and he couldn't town the clock back. i would ask him, did he know that was a minor? that was a teenager? and he did not have a weapon. >>shepard: trayvon martin's mother told the associated press she didn't mean to say it was an accident but was commenting on the original confrontation. phil keating has been covering this live from sanford, florida. the shooter had only two words to say in court today. phil: the same two words twice but he was not given much opportunity. right now george zimmerman is back behind bars in the county jail and he now is officially a murder suspect in this case after now making his very first public appearance of shooting and killing unarmed 17-year-old
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trayvon martin a month and a half ago. when he makes bond? george zimmerman will is to stay locked up a little bit longer. officially a murder suspect, george zimmerman walked into the small courtroom in the justice center wearing a one piece prison gray jump suit, feet shackled and handcuffed and the judge appeared through a closed circuit tv monitor and that is why george zimmerman is looking up. >> mr. zimmerman you are appearing for the first appearance before the charge of murder in the second degree and you are represented, is that true? >>guest: yes. phil: he arrived last night at 8:24 handcuffed, with his face and head concealed by a jacket. and, again, he turned himself in, in jacksonville,
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voluntarily, yesterday afternoon. >>shepard: did the shooter's lawyer say anything about the comments made by the dead teen's parents? phil: he was certainly asked about four times by the crowded reporters but he declined to answer that saying he was not going to start parsing words made by the mother of a now dead 17-year-old son so he declined to comment on the incident nature, what, actually, began the incident, what led up to the shooting, but, instead, saying this is just going to be a sad case that was, obviously, triggered by a 17-year-old walking through a gated community and george zimmerman. >> obviously it was a horrible intersection of two young men's likes and it ended in tragedy. we have to figure out how and why it happened. and who might be responsible. phil: the new judge will be a
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judge that handles felonies, circuit court, and the next court date, arraignment for george zimmerman scheduled for may 29th, and as for the bond hearing, the attorney for zimmerman has not yet made a motion for a bond hearing and he said, he explained that saying he doesn't feel right now is the right time with the public mood, the public sentiment, the public fury, feeling it is best for everyone to calm down and he will deal with that at a later date. >>shepard: thank you, phil keating. and now to the legal panel, a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor. you guys think he was overcharged, josh? >>guest: listen, i am a prosecutor so i think we should only be charged with what he was possibly guilty of. yes, we know that prosecutors overcharge. sometimes it is probably true. but hopefully there is faith in the system that prosecutors say this is what they --.
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>>shepard: you thing he was over charged? >>guest: it is premature to say. >>guest: i do think he was overcharged based on what we know but we have to different credence to the charges. i hope the prosecutor has a little bit more in the bag that hasn't been leaked out yet because so far what we know does not justify second-degree charge. >>shepard: we know they have a lot. the prosecution has 9-1-1 call. we know the prosecution has the autopsy result. they know allot about how far apart the bullets were fired, and the original statements, they know where everyone was at the time. >>guest: when we find out the information of the bullets or any of the medical autopsy events it still may not be conclusive to say it is beyond a reasonable doubt is murder two. that is what the prosecution is saying is a possibility
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otherwise we hope, do not think they are overly charged. >>shepard: bond hearing is coming up. what kind of bond do you give this man or keep him for his protection? >>guest: do nothing right now. that is the right situation. this is a polarizing situation, our nation is captivated and the safest place for him to be right now is in risen with armed guards. the day will come, they do want to get him out, and he can assist in his defense but the prosecution would be asking for high bail, if any at all. >>guest: it would be an uphill battle, and you are talking about a guy facing possible life in prison, a case where he should stay behind bars, no different, and certainly the prosecution will argue and say that is where he should be without bond being posted. >>shepard: is the mom's statement on the "today" show that she believes this was an accident and she meant the way it came together is that germane? >>guest: indicative of everything. every word is analyzed.
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she said -- you are talking about a mother through a tragedy and saying own national tv. >>shepard: and she was not there. >>guest: it will have no relevance but as far as looking in sure, everybody will be scrutinized. >>shepard: it feels like it has calmed down and you hope the political operatives allow it to stay that way. this is getting way overheated. day-by-day it will be leaked with rumor and everyone will have an opinion for a long time. >>shepard: we will be back. north korean officials want a attention. they are getting it. reporters from around the world are touring the cleanest part of their capital city. s
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>>shepard: north korea is going to attempt to launch a rocket in three hours. they warned they could use that launch as a cover for testing a missile, which could some day have the potential to hit the united states. we are learning rough weather kept the rocket on the ground in the first launch 24 hours ago and the window opens again at 6:00 eastern daylight. and greg palkot toured the capital city and said the nation poured in a lot of cash to spruce up the city a way they are mark the 100th birthday of the former leader, the late kim jong-il but lift off could
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jeopardize fans for food and other aid for the citizens. the united states has given north korea more than $1 billion in aid since 1995. jennifer griffin is following this from the pentagon. what sort of punishments are we expecting if they launch this? >>reporter: well in february the obama administration had offered more than $200 million of food aid to north koreans and that is put on hold by the launch. and secretary hick heck -- hillary clinton issued this warning. >> they have a clear case. they can pursue peace and reap the benefits of closer ties with the international community including the united states or it can continue to face pressure and isolation. if they go forward we will you will be back in the security council to take further action.
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>>reporter: more sanctions by the security council which north korea has ignored repeatedly and the video of japan's missile deployed in the case debris is off course is more for show. >>shepard: north koreans have tried this previously. and have not been successful. will we know if it is successful? >>reporter: experts will know in the first 15 minutes whether it is a success will launch or not. it is a three-phase missile launch in the first two minutes. that is the first stage. a portion will detach and burn out off the coast of south korea and then the second stage will detach in 15 minutes. and particular in the pacific. and the third stage will bun up in the atmosphere. that is the third stage that the north koreans had trouble with when they last carried out a test in april of 2009. the weather satellites that they
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claim they are launching to monitor agricultural pattern is shown here and some question whether it is even real. the north koreans say the satellite will broadcast music to glorify the nation's founder. >>shepard: what is most interesting was the snafu. a very well controlled media event so that the media they brought in for the event would only see what the north koreans wanted them to see until the bus driver took a wrong turn. what happened? >>reporter: there were several buses, they were gui not walk ad freely and paveed roads where everything is shiny and clean and perfect and the bus drivers took a wrong turn and before they knew it they were on dirt roads, old poor buildings, and the journalist could not believe it.
12:20 pm
usually they have such tight control over the situation that they start snapping pictures and one picture you can see here, but this is not, this was an impoverished part of north korea not what the north koreans want to show when they put on the tours for the journalists and you wonder whether the bus drivers will be punished in some awful way. >>shepard: we will let you know as things move forward. the former presidential candidate, john edwards, has been falling from grace for years now. today, he landed in a courtroom the first developments from the criminal charge are coming up. hr streaming quotes,
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>>shepard: there finally signs of a cease-fire in syria a year after the government started slaughtering their men and women and children. but a single gunshot could shatter what is called "fragile peace." world leaders are questioning the syrian regime motives and the u.n. secretary-general was encouraged by the lack of violence today but other world leaders say the regime of assad is not fully cooperating with the peace deal. there are still troops. and there are still heavy weaponry in most major towns. the united nations estimates syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 of their own citizens since the uprising began last many. and now the former united states arch to -- ambassador to israel
12:25 pm
and syria, currently the director of the baker institute for public policy at rice university. sir, nice to see you. >>guest: pleasure to be with you. >>shepard: do you believe a cease-fire? what are the real motives? >>guest: the cease-fire is extremely fragile, tenuous, and both sides are suspicious of the intentions of the other side. the syrian regime is extremely concerned that a cease-fire could lead to more protests in the major cities especially damascus that could take on momentum of their own as we saw in tunisia and egypt so they are going to monitor the public protests very carefully. we are going to see armored units and military units not too far away from population centers. the syrian opposition does not trust the intentions of assad's
12:26 pm
regime. so it is a very fragile situation. >>shepard: well, what is the rest of the world supposed to do now? >>guest: well the best thing one can do in this very difficult and complex situation is to at all costs the international community should do everything possible to avoid a civil war and sectarian warfare in syria which means that muslims, sunnis, shia, christians, kurds, that does not become a civil war as we saw in lebanon in the 1970's and 1980's and as we saw in iraq after our invasion of iraq. the countries, like syria, lebanon and iraq are multiconfessional, and the worst case scenario is they divulge into sectarian warfare
12:27 pm
destabilizing the whole region. including israel, jordan, iraq, lebanon, turkey. that should be the main, major goal. avoid civil war. avoid sectarian conflict. the problem is that in all the proposals that have been initiated, there have been an element of political transition to get the regime to agree to a political transition that would be more bradley representative of the will of all the syrian people but we don't see assad regime willing to do that. >>shepard: time will tell. mr. ambassador, thank you very much. jury election is now underway in the criminal trial of the former presidential hopeful, john edwards, appears in court where the jury could soon decide
12:28 pm
whether he used campaign cash to hide his mistress. a live report from the courthouse, next. and word doctors found a premature baby alive. in a morgue, 12 hours after the same doctors declared the baby dead and told the parents the baby was doled. the parents said, can we see the body. opened the drawer, and the baby was breathing.
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because you've earned a say. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the one-time presidential candidate, john edwards, appeared today inside a north carolina courtroom for the start of the criminal trial. john edwards is accused of using close to $1 million in campaign cast to cover up an affair with his mistress during his 2008 white house run. he later admitted that he fathered a child with her. while his wife, elizabeth, was battling cancer. but the former senator denies knowing about the cash payments which reportedly paid for flights hotel room and her medical care. the prosecution claims that john edwards used the money to protect his image as a family man, and to keep his campaign afloat. the top story at the bottom of the hour. and jonathan is live outside the courthouse. what does the prosecution have to prove here?
12:33 pm
>>guest: that his actions violated federal campaign finance law during the 2008 election cycle. there was a $2,300 cap on individual campaign contributions. the prosecution has to prove that john edwards used the million from two donors to protect his campaign, not just his family. in other words the issue is not whether sleaze occurred but whether the sleaze was illegal under what up to this point has been a fairly broad definition of campaign contributions. >>shepard: who is expected to testify here? >>guest: hunter is expected to testify on behalf of the defense, the prosecution expected to call former john edwards aide andrew young who helped conceal his pregnant mistress, initially claiming that he was the father of the child. it is unclear whether john edwards himself will testify on his own behalf. listen. >> it is pretty likely he will testify. the defense hasn't said, but it
12:34 pm
would be a lost opportunity if he were not able to testify he is a communicator, and he should be able to give that a shot in front of the jury. >>reporter: the judge has instructed the attorneys to submit their final witness list by the end of the day so we will know more later. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan, outside the courthouse. and now to the legal panel. the prosecutor and criminal defense attorney are with us. one of the risks here is that the defense ends up defending john edwards against scum bags and he is not charged with being a scum bag. this is about something but to get the jury to focus on something else, the defense attorney could have a difficult job. >>guest: you have to get the words you used out in jury selection. a lot of touchy issues with john edwards as an individual. he is a faily rich person. has tons and millions of dollars that we will not obtain. he is a personal injury
12:35 pm
plaintiff's attorney. has its own sort negative connotation. he is very politically active. he cheated on his wife. these are all issues you have to confront the jury with early. to separate john edwards, the individual, and john edwards, the defendant if this criminal case. and if you are successful in doing that, this prosecution can safely go away. >>shepard: if you prosecute this you have a lot to work with. >>guest: as he listed one by one by one why he will not be liked. but you step back and look at it the prosecution and the 20 both have a hard time finding a fair jury. both sides have deficits. someone who, they are trying to apply a federal finance campaign laws. they are complicated. brad. it is hard to apply. and hard to say here are the facts. here is the law the convict this guy. and keep your emotions of what you think of the department, that is difficult. so, for the prosecution to stand up and the defense attorney to stand up and say, tell me, are you telling me the truth and i am trying to find a fair jury it will be really difficult.
12:36 pm
>>shepard: at key is what the money was. was this money a campaign donation? or was this money a personal gift? the defense wants the court to believe it was a personal gift. >>guest: you look at statute and the facts of the case i am confident the case will go away. they have to prove it wasn't a gift and it was a donation. he said all along it was a gift. second, he has to knowingly violate the statute. unique in election laws but that is a component. you look at the evidence the prosecution has, their star witness is an admitted liar who covered for john and said "it is my job," and published a book and profited we from this controversy that he has created. >>shepard: if you are the prosecution and the star witness writes a back, it is not the best situation. >>guest: horrible. you, the prosecution, i am sure when they found out they probably went ballistic. what do we have now, the case is turned around because our star witness has now put everything
12:37 pm
in a book that can be used against him and that will not play well. >>shepard: john edwards on trial. we will see how it goes. >> good and bad news for homeowners. the housing firm reports foreclosure activity dropped to the lowest overall level in more than four years. that is great. and here is the down side: we are learning from the same firm that banks are sending out more first-time foreclosure notices up percent in march to six-month high. that means lenders could ultimately seize more homes and the experts now warn we could see more foreclosures this year than last year. for context we turn to gerri willis. she hosts "the willis report," on fox business network. so much for the end of the housing slump. we have been warned. >>gerri: absolutely. this is the settlement that 40 attorneys general made with the biggest bangs, paying out $25
12:38 pm
million. so while it was being negotiated big banks didn't want to move through the foreclosure process they were not sure what would happen. they waited and, now, we are seeing the foreclosures come through the pipeline. that will mean for the market? not good things for housing. >>shepard: the big board today up 190 early and then 172. great news. >>gerri: the stock market is more interested in earnings which are good. they are more interested in the fact that europe is not facing difficulties at this minute. europe has been a big story. we had filing of weekly unemployment claims, jobless claims, first time benefits. that was up 13,000 from 380,000. >>shepard: not horrible. did you hear about the kidst can you believe this? the parents wanted to see the baby, premature baby who died,
12:39 pm
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>>shepard: the story of of the baby, doctors of a premature baby told the parents the baby died. but the parents wanted it see the body. 12 hours later they pried up the wooden open casket nailed shut in the freezer. and the baby was alive. trace is live this afternoon. 12 hours? is that right? >>trace: 12 hours later the mother was so distraught she
12:43 pm
told the hospital that she wanted one last time to see her baby daughter's body. to take a picture to remember her by so they brought her down to the mortgage and that sealed shut casket was inside the freezer. they placed it on a stretcher and use add crowbar to pry it open and they got it open and the mom placed her hand inside and said she could feel the ice on her daughter's body and, then, listen. >> at that moment i saw a white sheet and my wife looked at the body and she uncovered the head and face and there was a wimper. she stepped back, i looked again, yes, the baby moved. >> baby moved and they grabbed the baby, they ran it down the hall and she felt like a cold bottle and they brought it back to the ward and warmed her up. they planned to name the baby
12:44 pm
luccia and changed it to "light and miracle." >>shepard: what are doctors saying? >>trace: they are baffled. they don't have antis but there was an obstetrician, and gynecologist inside the delivery room and all of those doctors examined the baby and they all said the baby had been born stillborn but they believe maybe the freezer might have protected her organs and they started warming her up the organs worked again but there are no answers. all doctors have been suspended and the nation's surgeon general calls it despicable and he wants a full investigation but we can tell you that the baby is getting stronger and gaining weight by the day. >>shepard: trace, man, live for us. the connecticut governor will sign a bill that abolishes the state death penalty. it would make connecticut the
12:45 pm
17th state to do this. and the 5th in the last five years. connecticut's house of representatives pass add bill last night a several hours. supporters claim the capital punishment is broken. and they point out the state has executed but one person in the last 50 years. critic say the death penalty is a necessary deterrent. they point to heinous crimes where the jury have found it justified like the 2007 murders of a mother and her two daughters during a brutal home invasion that happened in connecticut. the jury sentenced two men to death in that case. and now live to new york city newsroom. it is a long standing debate. >>reporter: for two decades lawmakers in connecticut have been debating abolishing the death penalty and the last governor vetoed the similar bill but this governor vow dozen sign it and when that happened the top punishment will be live
12:46 pm
without parole and those inmates will be limited to just two hour as day outside their cell. the governor says this, going forward we will have a system that allows us to put these people away for life in living conditions that none of us would want to experience the throw away the tree and have them spend their natural likes in jail. you mentioned the pettit murder case and the new law will not be applying to the two men convicted. the mother and her daughters, held hostage and murdered two of the three were raped and the home was set afire. this are thine other people awaiting execution in connecticut and the bill only applies to future cases so as written, they would still, all of those, all 11 of them, face the death penalty. >>shepard: but their lawyers could use the law on appeal.
12:47 pm
>>guest: they will do that. same thing happened in new mexico and though lost. but our judge napolitano says it i don't turn out differently in connecticut. >>judge napolitano: the legislature can make it the public policy the death penalty is available for jury and judge or not available for jury and judges but they cannot say, it is not available in the future but it was available and still is available for those who here now. >>reporter: can you execute someone today who could not be executed for the same rhyme in the future. it could go to the supreme court of the united states. >>shepard: thank you. a grand jury indicted the jetblue captain who had a meltdown mid-flight. the guy would shouted things including "bring down this plane, al qaeda is here." you remember the video, the passengers tackled the can't when he ran through the cabin
12:48 pm
shouting, and the first officer diverted the plane. and he got on the p.a. and said "restrain the captain." the grand jury has been charmed with interference of a flight crew and a judge ordered a psychiatric examination to determine whether the pilot was legally sane during that outburst. >> does beer make you smarter in we can hope. a new study suggests it could, indeed, be the case but there are caveats. we will analyze this important news story with the medical expert next. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: the best news, beer makes you smarter. scientists at university of illinois chicago came to this conclusion through drinking game of sorts. they say the men who downed the equivalent of two pints a beer did better on a group of brain teasers. and the beer did not slow them down. not at all. they actually solved their puzzles more quickly. and now, we have a family physician and medical director at a center for comprehensive medicine here in new york. beer makes you smarter. i must be a genius. >>guest: it made me want to have a couple of beers. they took 40 guys brought them to a bar and the men who had the beer, two pints, less than legal limit for beer, were able to solve puzzles 40 percent faster and 30 percent less time. >>neil: what about the other guys, guys from the short bus? >>guest: a placebo and they solved the same puzzles.
12:53 pm
what alcohol does to the blame suppresses the part of our brain which does math and analytical thinking and allows the creative process to emerge so that could be a reason why people feel better and they are able to talk more freely and have better ideas when they have a couple of drinks. >>shepard: after a 12 pack you solve all problems. >>guest: this was done with a couple of beers. and excessive alcohol more than five drinks in a short period of time is not recommended under any circumstances. >> drink and be creative. >> new york city, i will have to be drinking. >> who funded this? >>shepard: it has calmed me down. a little bit of alcohol will couple you down. >>guest: it is an anesthetic.
12:54 pm
alcohol and wine has a protective come found from heart attacks but we are talking about what the study shows and it showed that people that drank a little bit actually were able to solve puzzles faster. >>shepard: so maybe the baptists have it wrong, a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of beers is what jesus would do. >>guest: well, this is thousands of years old. people, beer and alcohol have been mentioned in, throughout antiquity. how do we incorporate alcohol safely into our likes and no one is recommending then go out and drink. the other thing is, for women, this study did not tells anything. there were no women in the study. and we know women are more affected seriously when they drink, twice as much as for men. a reason could be that women have more body fat and body fat can store alcohol. the other problem is, hormones
12:55 pm
seem to intensify the effect of alcohol. >>shepard: two shots for all guests on the program. >>guest: after the show we will talk. >>shepard: tomorrow, before the show,ly on fridays, right, america's drinking day. doctor, thank you. people who can't wait to get their hands on google's new glass could have another option. we showed you this before, the video of the guy walking around with messages and subway information popping up in front of your head on the glasses. now another company is entering the mention. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5.
12:56 pm
it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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this is my grandson. and if it wasn't for a screening i got, i might have missed being here to meet him. the health care law lets those of us on medicare now get most preventive care for free like annual wellness visits, immunizations, and some cancer screenings. and that's when they caught something serious on mine. but we could treat it before it was too late. i'll be around to meet number two! get the screenings you need. learn more at you don't want to miss any of this! >>shepard: google is about to get competition another company is working on their own version of the google glasses or proposed glasses which project stuff on the lens rather than a smartphone. a demo video, they say they are
12:59 pm
geared toward business executives and and project earnings information in real time on the glasses so you can see it as you talk to whoever. no word on a release gate. google showed off their glasses in a similar video with a lot more bells and whistles and google could be just good at videos or ... these are all prototypes. google could release their version by the end of the year. and then this before we turn off the lights in "studio b" the dow is up, and that is good, up 179 points and they have ignored the unemployment figures for today and they not paying attention to the housing crisis figures because we thing more officials are about to start coming and they are focusing on something else and the dow is up 179 points. il


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